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Oskar Dyjas, the author
Oskar Dyjas, the author


You are on the website of the Klikos enterprise. This is what I called my company a few years ago, when I started to create, develop and position websites in south-western Poland. After two years I realized that paying social security contributions, taxes and possibly disposing of the remaining money is not the purpose of my life.

I went abroad to the UK, here I live and work now. After a quiet job, where I can listen to books and podcasts while repairing ATMs, I prefer to develop my bigger or smaller projects. This website is my business card, you will find there interesting articles about what's going on on the Internet, something about my private life and a bit about the music I listen to. The blog here is also supposed to be my online diary. I just want to remember how cool it was when I'm old and stupid.

Something more about me? My name is Oskar Dyjas. I was born in the oldest city in Poland. I am an introvert, libertarian, a supporter of a minimally controlled free market, formerly one of the top users on a sort of Polish version of Reddit. I like guinea pigs, listen to good music and Polish paprika crisps. A large package. I don't like contradictions, absurdities and sucking up. Also livers, asparagus and olives. This I think says it all.

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