The Internet
The Internet from IT Crowd, a small black plastic box with a tiny red light on top
The Internet from IT Crowd

Welcome to the part of the blog dedicated to the Internet.

As a teenager I became interested in websites and the web, I started from the basics: HTML, CSS and WYSIWYG editor. Twenty years ago, not everyone in Poland had a computer and the Internet, I started (but it sounds funny) in Internet cafes and the school computer lab. I drew my knowledge from magazines and several books that fell into my hands. At that time there was neither YouTube nor a million online courses.

I never linked my professional future with the Internet. In 2009, however, I found employment in the price comparison engine SkÄ…, I started to learn programming, positioning, how databases work, etc. I very much enjoyed those few years. In the meantime, I started a business and created websites for small companies and I developed my own projects.

Today I'm working full time abroad and only in the afternoons I'm doing something on the Internet, as a hobby. I have reached my compromise. The Internet is developing constantly, in this part of the blog I describe what surprised me, interested me or is simply worth noticing.

Enjoy the reading. 2019-2024
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