a phonograph
Vinyl record player


I like listening to music. In this part of the blog I am going to share the songs I listen to and maybe write a little about them. Favorite music genres? I listen to everything from metal to folk mixed with disco, I am not fussy and I do not limit myself in terms of genres. Nevertheless, progressive rock is the most catchy for me.

I was lucky that in 2010 I decided to write a bot (crawler) and download 40 GB of music (mainly independent production) from the now non-existent website containing cool songs. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a hold of similar website on time, where there were many more piece of music. Why was I downloading it? I wanted to listen to music on a portable mp3 player. There were no smartphones or Spotify then. I often have to reach for my own or normal music in the era of promoting commercial music on the radio and on the Internet.

I must warn you, there will also be Polish music and music from other parts of the world.

Feel free to read and listen. 2019-2024
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