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I have long wanted to add my three words on political topics for a long time. As a small child, I watched the second program of polish television (there were just a few in total in this time), where the parliamentary sessions were broadcast from the morning. It was the nineties, the time right after hyperinflation, after profound changes in Poland, huge unemployment and the profession of Solidarnosc (Solidarity - Polish trade union) and Lech Walesa.

Today, an already free nation constantly chooses the same people. There would be nothing wrong with that, only from time to time groups of dissatisfied come to Warsaw, block the city and protest. And so, from elections to elections, nothing changes. And it hurts me.

In this part of the blog, I will comment on matters from world importance to very local ones. I will present my view on current and past events, I will give my suggestions on how to make things look good.

I invite you to read.

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