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Surprised social networking site user by Mohamed Hassan
Surprised social networking site user.


I am reluctant to visit social networks. But I know it's a must. If you're one of those people who expect photos of every Starbucks coffee out thereā€¦ you will be disappointed. I do not post photos of this type and I do not go to this coffeehouse. The pages where I have my profile can be found below.


As a rule, I try to publish important content on this website. At least I am sure that no admin/mod will delete my post or profile because he has a bad day or on the recommendation of his boss.

I hardly recommend subscribing to these profiles, because that's not the point here. There will be rather supplementary content found there. I do not care about the number of likes. I want someone who is on my blog to find what they were looking for.

Enjoy the reading. 2019-2024
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